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We’re proof that it takes a village and this is a photo of our village. We don’t really own the village however it feels like home.  Look at the regalia these folks are wearing.  Yes, that’s Bacchus in the purple toga and ring of grapes around his head. We believe that every wedding should have one.

Tress is the bride in green and John, the groom,  is to the left and the charming man between us is the Major Domo (mayor) of Radicofani who presided at our wedding in Tuscany.  Right after this photo was taken we all joined together in a circle and did the Hokey-Pokey with the members of the village looking on.  We would perform that classical dance in several villages and wineries across Tuscany often asking those around us to join in.  We taught all who dared how to jump into a lively dance session.   When asked what the “Hokey Pokey” is we said it was a modern jazz dance enjoyed by many people in America.

Tress Prefontaine has been writing web content since 2002 while working for Hewlett Packard’s Meeting Services Bureau assisting HP meeting planners with their events around the world.  An entrepreneur, artist and project manager, Tress brings a solid set of tools to the development of written content and the strategy of your market presence. She is a one-of-a-kind force that keeps you moving forward.

John Morrison has been writing content for marketing and technology sales for more than twenty years.  He holds a MA in History from Portland State University and does incredible research of information to support your site and business goals.  His words help you find a voice for your site and establish your brand.   Not sure what you want to say?  John’s interviewing skills are invaluable in helping to find your voice.  John’s quirky sense of humor is the perfect foil for Tress and together they are a dynamic duo with red super-hero capes kept near their desks, ready to combat bad grammar when ever possible.

Meet Scarlett the office Corgi.  She sleeps under the desk and pretends we don’t see her.  She is one of a kind and due to a burp in the canine DNA pool she hops like a bunny (it’s true she does) and she has more hair than an Angora goat. John is in charge of keeping her in line and if you know anything about Welsh Corgis you know they like to have things done their way. Scarlett’s favorite activity is fending off the gargantuan squirrels that threaten our office and terrorize small children.  She knows it’s her duty to protect and defend the known world.  She’s one of a kind and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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